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Broughton, Cambridgeshire, Details (more text between pictures)


Broughton, Doom, upper right, entering Hell [62KB] The upper right hand side of the painting, showing souls being received into Hell. Some detail has been lost, but groups of damned souls, one of them chained together and guarded by angels with swords, are fairly clear towards the right, where, a little below, part of the Mouth of Hell shows as an S-shaped curve. Some faint shapes also show at the very top of the painting, immediately below the roof-beams, but these are vague now.

Below on this side (pictured right, below), the torments of the damned are explored in detail. At the far right a devil stirs a huge cauldron with souls inside, while another, with hooves, horns and a face on his shoulder bastes an unfortunate dangling over a fire burning in a three-legged brazier. Above them, moving towards the remains of the Hell-Mouth, is another devil with enormous red feet and possibly two Janus-like faces. This is a particularly grotesque collection of devils, very much of its period.Broughton, Doom, the damned [69KB]

Meanwhile, at the lower left of the painting and shown below left, clearly visible souls (the painting has been restored) rise from their graves. Above them, a small group, the first two figures in it kneeling, meet St. Peter, who stands in a blue robe and red cloak. Other groups, faint now, stand waiting, Broughton, Doom, the saved [73KB]and at the left are some obscure remnants of the apartments of Heaven.

A very large Doom, full of incident and activity, although some details are certainly lost completely now.

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Anne Marshall 2002