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Let your mouse pointer rest on the small image to see its location and a short description. Click the small image for the main picture & text page. One category - Painted texts, Inscriptions, and Decorative subjects, is not included but can be found from the Main Contents Page

Very Early Painting (Before 1200)

Breamore inscription, small Breamore, suicide of Judas, small houghton-on-hill, Judgement w. Apostles, small Allegorical Joust, Claverley, small David overcoming the Lion, Copford, small Raising of Jairus's daughter, Copford, small  Martyrdom of S.Edmund, Fritton, small Apostle or Prophet, Little Easton, small Christ in Majesty, Kempley, small Three Marys at sepulchre, Kempley, small Genesis Scenes, Hardham, small Hardham, Annunciation & Visitation, small Hardham, Flight into Egypt/Fall of the Idols/Dispute with the Doctors/Baptism of Christ, small Angels & Apostles supporting Christ in Majesty, West Chiltington, small Christ in Majesty, with Judgement details, Clayton, small Purgatorial Ladder, with the Seven Deadly Sins, Chaldon, small Christ in Majesty, with Traditio Legis and illusionistic painted figure, Coombes, small King Herod & attendants, with Flight into Egypt, Coombes, small Scenes from the Life of St. Cuthbert, small

Genesis Scenes and the Tree of Jesse

Adam delving & Eve spinning, Bledlow, Bucks, small Expulsion from Paradise/Adam delving & Eve spinning, Broughton, Cambs. small Creation of the Animals/Fall & Expulsion from Paradise, Chalfont St. Giles, small Tree of Jesse, Chalgrove, small Genesis scenes, Easby, small The Temptation & its aftermath, Hardham, small Expulsion from Paradise, Kelmscott, small Cain & Abel, Kelmscott, small Sacrifice of Isaac, Launcells, small Moses w.10 Commandments, Stokesay, small Story of Cain & Abel, West Kingsdown, small Levi, patriarch of Israel, Burton Latimer, small
Infancy & Early Life of Christ

Nativity/King David playing harp/birds, Longthorpe Tower, small Annunciation to Shepherds/Nativity, Ashampstead, small Nativity, Corby Glen,small King Herod with Magi & shepherd, Corby Glen, small Nativity/Annunciation to Shepherds, Faversham, small Nativity/Adoration of Shepherds, Wissington, small Adoration of the Magi, Black Bourton,small Three Magi, Burton Dassett, small Adoration of the Magi, Edstaston, small Adoration of the Magi, Heydon, small Adoration of the Magi, Pinvin, small Adoration of the Magi, Salisbury (S.Thomas), small Adoration of the Magi, Thornham Parva, small Adoration/Dream of the Magi, Wissington, small Adoration of the Magi/Joseph's Dream/Dream of the Magi, Hardham, small Presentation in Temple/Adoration of the Magi, Faversham, small Massacre of the Innocents/Presentation in Temple, Kelmscott, small Flight into Egypt, Croughton,small Miracle of the Clay Birds, Shorthampton, small Baptism of Christ, Black Bourton, small Infancy Cycle, Brook, small Nativity, with 2 curious Jews, Burton Dassett, small Swaddled Christ Child, with Ox and Ass. Little Wakering, small

The Life of (and Devotion to) the Virgin

Annunciation/Visitation, Ashampstead, small Annunciation, Barnby,small Annunciation/St Anne teaching the virgin, Bradwell Abbey, small detail, Life & Miracles of Virgin, Chalfont St. Giles, small Annunciation, Chalgrove, small Death, Burial, Assumption, Coronation of the Virgin, small St Anne teaching the Virgin to read, Corby Glen, small Annunciation, Faversham, small Annunciation, Fring, small Annunciation, Gisleham, small Virgin, Annunciation, Lt.Melton, small Annunciation, Martley, small Annunciation, Slapton, small Annunciation, South Newington, small Annunciation, Tarrant Crawford, small Virgin enthroned, with angels, Arundel, small Virgin enthroned, with donors, Cawston, small Visitation, St. Thomas, Salisbury,small Visitation, Faversham, small Coronation of the Virgin, Black Bourton,small Background to lost statue (of Virgin), Brent Eleigh, small Visitation, Dale Abbey, small Virgin suckling Christ Child, with Judgement details, Beckley, small Virgin suckling Christ Child, with birds & donor, Belchamp Walter, small Life of the Virgin, Broughton (Oxon) small Death, Burial & Coronation of the Virgin, Sutton Bingham, small Annunciation/Visitation, Pinvin small Virgin & Child, South Newington, small Virgin & Child, Wickhamford, small Annunciation/Visitation/Nativity, Newton Green, small Virgin intervening at the Judgement, Lathbury, small Annunciation/Visitation/Nativity/Annunciation to Shepherds-Hardham, small Burial, Assumption & Coronation of the Virgin, Pickering, small Virgin & Child with three female saints, Little Wenham, small Gathering of the Apostles for the Funeral of the Virgin, Cold Overton, small Death of the Virgin, Purton, small

The Saints (excluding the Virgin & St. Christopher)

Martyrdom of St. Andrew, Stoke Dry, small St Anne teaching the Virgin to read, Corby Glen, small St. Antony and the Pig, Barton, small St.Christopher, with St. Antony & a devil, small S.Barbara, Hesset, small S.Bartholomew, Selling, small St. Catherine, with wheel, Cold Overton, small Martyrdom of St. Catherine, Castor, small St. Catherine, Hardley Street, small St. Catherine, Old Weston, small Life of S. Catherine, Pickering, small Life of S. Catherine, Sporle, small Martyrdom of S. Catherine, Burton Latimer, small Burial of S. Catherine, Little Kimble, small St Clement-South Leigh, small Scenes from the Life of St. Cuthbert, small St. Dunstan holding the Devil by the nose-Barton, small St.Edmund, Boxford, small St. Edmund, Lakenheath, small Martyrdom of S. Edmund, Bishopsbourne, small Martyrdom of S.Edmund, Pickering, small Martyrdom of S. Edmund, Stoke Dry, small Martyrdom of S. Edmund, Troston, small Martyrdom of St. Edmund, Weare Giffard, small Wolf finding St. Edmund's head, Padbury, small St. Eloi & the possessed horse, Slapton, small Wensley, Incident in the life of St. Eloi, small Martyrdom of S.Erasmus, Chippenham, small St. Etheldreda & another saint (?Sexburga), small St.Francis Receiving the Stigmata, Slapton, small doddington, St. Francis with Stigmata,small S.Francis preaching to birds, Wissington, small S.Francis preaching to the birds, Little Kimble, small Banningham, St. George & the Dragon, small Astbury, St. George dedicating himself to the Virgin, small St.George & Dragon, Broughton, Bucks, small St. George & Dragon, Earl Stonham, small S. George & Dragon, Barton, small SS.Helena & Eloi, blacksmith's tools, small St.James the Great, Hales, small St. George & Dragon, Hornton, small St. George & Dragon, Fritton, small St George & Dragon, Kirtlington, small St. George, Little Kimble, small St. James as pilgrim, Wisborough Green, small Life of St. James, Stoke Orchard, small St. James as pilgrim, Yelden, small Beheading of John the Baptist (Herod’s Feast, Chalfont St. Giles, small Beheading of John the Baptist (Herod's Feast), Heydon, small Herod's Feast, with Salome's dance, Idsworth, small Herod's Feast, with Salome & John the Baptist, small St.John the Baptist, Old Weston, small St. John the Evangelist, Selling, small St.John the Evangelist, Weston Longville, small Life of S. Margaret, Charlwood, small St. Margaret, Old Weston, small St. Margaret, Stoke Dry, small Life of S. Margaret, Wendens Ambo, small St. Margaret and the dragon, South Newington, small Martyrdom of S. Margaret, Duxford, small Martyrdom of S. Margaret, Ashby St Ledgers, small S.Martin dividing his cloak, Chalgrove, small S. Martin dividing his cloak, Wareham, small St. Nicholas, Lt. Horwood, small St. Nicholas & the 3 boys in the barrel, Padworth, small 2 miracles of St. Nicholas, Wissington, small St. Nicholas & the Three Boys-Bishopsbourne,small Martyrdom of St. Peter, Chacombe, small SS.Peter & Paul, Black Bourton, small S. Peter (SS Peter & Paul), Selling, small St. Peter (SS Peter & Paul, Old Idsworth, small SS. Peter & Paul, with angels-Hook Norton St. Roch, Pinvin, small Stoning of Stephen, Black Bourton, small Stoning of Stephen, Catfield, small Stoning of S. Stephen, North Stoke, small St. Swithun enthroned, Old Weston, small Scenes from the life of St. Swithun, Corhampton, small St.Thomas Becket, standing, Hauxton, small Murder of Thomas Becket, Marston Magna, small Murder of Thomas Becket, Sth. Burlingham, small Murder of Thomas Becket/Execution of Thomas of Lancaster, Sth. Newington, small Virgin Blessing St. Walstan of Bawburgh or S.Edmund, small St.Zita, Horley, small St. Zita, Shorthampton, small Unidentified female saint, Heydon, small Virgin & Child with SS Margaret, Catherine & Mary Magdalene, Little Wenham, small St. Catherine or another female saint, Ashley, small Unidentified saintly bishop. Little Wakering, small

St. Christopher

St. Christopher, Ashby St Ledgers, small S.Christopher, Belton, small St. Christopher, Burnham Overy, small St. Christopher, Cottered, small St.Christopher, East Wellow, small St Christopher, Edingthorpe, small St Christopher, Fritton, small St.Christopher, Haddiscoe, small St. Christopher, Hemblington, small St Christopher, Horley, small St. Christopher, Impington, small St.Christopher, Irstead [2], small St.Christopher, Layer Marney, small St.Christopher, Littlebourne, small St. Christopher, Martlesham, small St. Christopher, Molesworth; detail showing Hermit, small St. Christopher, Oaksey, small St. Christopher, Paston, small St. Christopher, Pickering, small St. Christopher, Raunds, small St.Christopher, Shorwell, small St. Christopher, Slapton, small St. Christopher, Stoke Dry, small St.Christopher, Thurlton, small St. Christopher, Thurton, small St.Christopher, Wickhampton, small St Christopher, Willingham, small St. Christopher, Woodeaton, small St.Christopher, Winchester, with St. Antony & a devil, small St. Christopher, Thorpe Mandeville, small

The Doom & Weighing of Souls

Ashampstead, Berks, Doom, small Attleborough, Norfolk, Christ in Majesty, small Bacton, Suffolk:Doom over chancel arch, small Bartlow, Cambs:Doom, small Beckley, Oxon:Doom, small Bishopsbourne, Kent: Weighing of Souls, small Blyth, Notts:Doom, small Bradfield, Norfolk:Doom over chancel arch, small Broughton (Bucks),Doom, small Doom, Broughton, Cambs. small Weighing of Souls, Catherington, small Chelsworth, Doom, small Chesterton, Doom, small Coventry Holy Trinity, Doom, small Dauntsey, Doom, small Gt.Harrowden, Doom, small Doom, Great Shelford, small Houghton Conquest, Christ in Majesty Lenham, Weighing of Souls, small Doom, Marston Moreteyne, Beds. small Doom, Marton, small Doom, Newington-next-Sittingbourne, small woman donor, resurrected, North Cove, small Doom, Oddington, small Doom, Pickworth, small Rotherfield, Doom, small Rotherfield, St. Michael Weighing Souls, small Slapton,weighing of souls, small St. Michael Weighing Souls, Sth.Leigh, small Doom, South Leigh, Detail, centre, small Doom, Stanningfield, small Doom, Stoke-by-Clare, small Stratford-on-Avon Guild Chapel, small Doom, West Somerton, central detail, small Doom painted on boards, Wenhaston, small Doom (Christ in Judgement), Widford, small Weighing of Souls, Wissington, small Doom, Yaxley, small Doom, Mears Ashby, small

The Morality Painting : Warnings

Warning to Sabbath Breakers, Ampney St. Mary, Gloucs, small Warning to Sabbath Breakers, Breage, Cornwall, small Warning to Swearers, Broughton, Bucks, small Warning to Sabbath-Breakers, Duxford, Cambs, small Warning to Sabbath Breakers, Hessett, small Warning to Sabbath Breakers, St. Just-in-Penwith, small Warning to Sabbath Breakers, Michaelchurch Escley, small Warning to Sabbath Breakers, Oaksey, small Warning to Sabbath Breakers, Poundstock, small Warning to Sabbath Breakers, West Chiltington, small Warning to Sabbath Breakers, Nether Wallop, small Women & Devils, Melbourne, small Warning against Idle Gossip, Peakirk, small Warning against Idle Gossip, Seething, small Slapton, Warning Against Idle Gossip, small Warning against Idle Gossip, Little Melton, small Warning against Idle Gossip, Eaton, small Warning against Idle Gossip, Colton, small

The Seven Works of Mercy

Seven Works of Mercy, Barnby, small Seven Works of Mercy, Edingthorpe, Norfolk, small Seven Works of Mercy, Hoxne, small Seven Works of Mercy (Burying the Dead) Lathbury, small Seven Works of Mercy, Linkinhorne, small Moulton S.Mary, 7 Works of Mercy, small Detail, 7 Works of Mercy, Pickering, small  P.Heigham, Works of Mercy:Visiting Prisoner, small Trotton, Works of Mercy, small 7 Works of Mercy, Wickhampton, small

The Seven Deadly Sins

Seven Deadly Sins, Alveley, small Seven Deadly Sins, Cranborne, small Seven Deadly Sins, Crostwight, small Seven Deadly Sins, Hessett 7 Deadly Sins, Hoxne, small Seven Deadly Sins, Little Horwood, small 7 Deadly Sins, Raunds, small Seven Deadly Sins, Sth.Leigh. small Seven Deadly Sins, Trotton, small

The Three Living & The Three Dead

3 Living & 3 Dead, Alton, small 3 Living & 3 Dead, Belchamp Walter, small 3 Living & 3 Dead, Belton, small 3 Living & 3 Dead, Charlwood, small 3 Living & 3 Dead, Heydon, small 3 living & 3 dead, Hurstbourne Tarrant, small 3 Living & 3 Dead, Paston, small 3 Living & 3 Dead, Peakirk, detail, small 3 Living & 3 Dead/Weighing of Souls, Pickworth,small 3 living & 3 dead, Raunds, small 3 Living & 3 Dead, Tarrant Crawford [65KB] 3 Living & 3 Dead, Wensley [44KB 3 living, Wickhampton [39KB] (3 dead also on page) Swalcliffe, Three Living & Three Dead, small Lutterworth, Three Living & Three Dead, small Swanbourne, Allegory of souls at death, small

The Passion Cycle & the ‘Detached’ Crucifixion

Passion Cycle, Amberley, small Passion Cycle, Ashby St. Ledgers, small Passion Cycle, Belchamp Walter, Essex, small Passion Cycle, Brook (Kent), small Passion scenes-Chalgrove, small Crostwight: Detail, Ascension, small Passion Cycle, Croughton, Northants, small Passion Cycle, Fairstead, small Faversham, Passsion Cycle, small Passion Cycle, Flamstead. Detail - Crucifixion, small Agony in the Garden, Ford, small Passion Cycle, Gussage St. Andrew, small Passion Cycle, Great Tew, small Ickleton:Last Supper;Judas taking a fish, small Passion Cycle, Little Easton, Cambs, small Lt.Tey:Detail, Washing of Feet, small Lt.Witchingham:Passion Cycle, small North Cove:Details, (from left)Setting up the Cross; Stephaton & Longinus already at work;  Deposition, small North Stoke, detail, Passion Cycle, small Peakirk:Detail, Crucifixion & Deposition, small Pickering, Passion Cycle, small Pinvin, Crucifixion/Resurrection/Ascension, small Seething:Detail, Resurrection [Ascension below], small South Newington, Passion Cycle, small West Chiltington, Passion Cycle, small Wissington : Detail, Washing of Feet, small Crucifixion with 2 Thieves-Barnby, small Crucifixion, with Mary & John, Bapchild, small Broughton, Oxon, Christ Crucified, small ‘Detached’ Crucifixion (altarpiece), Brent Eleigh, small Godshill, Christ crucified on a lily, Godshill, small ‘Detached’ Crucifixion, Goxhill, small Rood Group, with angels catching Christ’s blood, Kingston, small ‘Detached’ Crucifixion, Little Missenden, small Crucifixion, Turvey, small Wisborough Green, Christ crucified, with Penitent Thief, small

Single Passion Scenes, Scenes Ancillary to the Passion Cycle, Other New Testament Incidents, ‘Devotional’ Paintings, Legendary and Unclassifiable Subjects

Tree of Jesse, Chalgrove, small Trinity, Boughton Aluph, small Pietà, Hornton, small Harrowing of Hell, Brent Eleigh, small Deposition, Bardwell, small Last Supper, Friskney [51KB] Incredulity of Thomas, Rotherfield [42KB] Raising of Lazarus/of Jairus’s daughter, Brook, small Raising of Jairus's daughter, Copford, small Beheading of John the Baptist (Herod's Feast), Heydon, small Breamore, suicide of Judas, small Slapton, suicide of Judas, small Slapton, Mass of St. Gregory, small Idsworth, Legend of the Hairy Anchorite, small Hardwick, Charlemagne's Dream of S. Cyriacus, small Ilketshall, Wheel of Fortune, small The Pelican in its Piety, Belchamp Walter, small Appearance to Mary Magdalene, Risby, small Agnus Dei, in a <i>Ouroborus</i>, Duxford, small

Secular Subjects : The Labours of the Months
The Labours of the Months, Easby, small

Paintings in Secular Buildings, Domestic & otherwise
Longthorpe Tower, the North Wall, small Longthorpe Tower, the East Wall, small

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